Vice City Goggles


Oh Miami, So much could be said. Are you here for the Night Life, Women, Be a Beach Bum? Move for a good time in college, Run into some High Rollers? Everyone has their own view of Magic City. A Million different stories and I only see it from these Vice City Goggles.


At the age of six with a M for mature rating Grand Theft Auto Vice City was one of the first video games I had ever played. Little did I know Id be living in Florida a few years later. Living in two different Regions of the United States you can really Compare the Lifestyles and Environment, But even every part of Florida is completely Different from each other and I haven't had the opportunity to visit Vice City until just recently. This is my interpretation of the City known to me as Vice City.

miami scooter
  Pedestrian #4

Pedestrian #4

old school car

Apartment 3c

vice city chainsaw


During mission 7 you run by an apartment that has a Chainsaw and Bloody Bathroom. Rumor has it This was Referenced to the Bathroom scene in the Movie Scarface. You can Run into the apartment whenever in the grab the Chainsaw or You can go to the apartment in real Life.

apartmen 3c
miami construction
trippy palm tree
police miami

In the 8 hours  I was there I can say the creators at Rockstar Games weren't to off when creating the Map.  Just like my Brief  trip, Rockstar created the game in a short time of Nine Months while still finishing GTA III. Releasing on October 27th 2002 for Playstation 2 GTA Vice City could be said that it was based off Famous Movies and Tv shows based in Miami, such as Scareface and Miami vice. From the 80's to Mid 90's Miami's Drug problem was at its all time high Just as it was Depicted on the Telivison, Leading the southern Florida Metropolitan City to actually be Labeled as Vice City.

downtown miami 1
vice city hotel
  Deacon Hotel

Deacon Hotel

downtown miami night
miami art
miami towers
vice city strip
  Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive

Still Young and Now being called the city of the Future; With high apartments in the sky, Aqua berry Colored Beaches, Nightlife Mixed with curious tourists, This side of MIA is the side that was always shown and talked about when you think and Here Miami. Don't get it twisted, there are other sides of Miami Besides Downtown, South Beach, Little Havana, and Brickell. The Main attraction has to be Funded by some one. That would be the Rest of Dade County and parts of Miami just Beyond the city and on the other side of the Highway but that is another story in its own.

dade county